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Have you ever thought what defines young children? Is it their age? No, it is their ability to wonder. See minutely the miracles in the small things that they are doing in their lives. Every small mental activity of these small children would rather stimulate your matured brains. The feeling is so blissful that it is obvious to be attached to that bliss. But it's not sufficient for a teacher to simply watch them. Teachers have to give special attention to the children of today and become their role models as these children now seek a perfect blend of eastern heart and western mind- a blend of morality and modernity.

At our branch, teachers are not dictators but facilitators. They are not knowledge givers, but a link between the book and the student. They do not preach, but they make the students understand ethics through logic. They identify the talents in the children and help them to attain excellence in those. They make the children happy in course of their teaching and as a result, the children feel confident and indulge themselves in learning process by building a relationship with them. We don't promote the 'demand of learning' with stress and urgency; rather we promote and celebrate the 'joy of learning' for our children.

The global change in education gives us a glimpse of the phenomenon that unlike in the past when competition were limited to peer groups or to the extent of a zone, now the competition has become global for the young learners to be confronted. Parents today have high expectations from their children. Keeping these in minds, we empower our students by igniting a competitive spirit in them. We provide them an apt platform where they can interact and innovate, because I strongly believe that every child is a creative child.

I humbly thank Almighty God for His grace and benevolence in abundance on us. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our Chairman, Members of Management Committee and Principal for their guidance, support and advice. I also extend my gratitude to our committed faculty members for their endeavour in making this growing school a beautiful citadel of learning. Our creative and innovative students made us proud with their achievements throughout the academic year 2018-19. I wish them wisdom, health and harmony, and simultaneously thank their parents for their unconditional support in our ventures and adventures.

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