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From the Desk of the Principal


The pragmatic approach that the students of Bishop Johnson School &College learn while studying and performing activities in the campus is a great asset in my sense, as I strongly believe that in today's digital world, the best theoretical knowledge alone is not sufficient without its practical side.Our dedicated faculty have been constantly mentoring, motivating, guiding and helping students to develop all-round personality and excellence. On the whole, our focus is to nurture and groom little future leaders who will lead the world with a deep passion for creativity and humanity.


Bishop Johnson ever since its inception has been trying to keep abreast of the changing needs of the society regarding revival of the education system. I feel delighted when I keep fingers on the pulse of change and synergize the needs of the society. The profiles of our educators who make a difference to the pedagogy and the profiles of our academic coordinators who redefine or re-engineer the concept of quality in education, speak volumes about the reaffirmation of all cross-sections of the educational spectrum. 


Teachers earnestly bring to the front the latent talents of BJC in various fields and domains and provide them with an apt platform for bonafide innovation. Of course, I am happy that the students are making a mark for themselves in different spheres by fast track growth in their careers through sheer performance. It is with immense pleasure and a sense of pride that I thank the parents for their undiminishing cooperation in boosting our energy and spirit. Hopefully, the smooth running of the institution is the immense blessings of the Almighty God. And from the grace of God, our Chairman and Members of the Management Committee are always very supportive and cooperative in all matters of resolution. I extend my gratitude to them and my heartfelt thanks to the members of the Bishop Johnson family for their dedication towards the institution.


Let us join our hands together to inspire our little minds to master, and motivate them to discover new ideas that are smart, creative and innovative.

Dr. Vishal N. Singh

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